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    Here at Tan-offTM we pride ourselves in delivering the ORIGINAL AND BEST tan removal mitt. Everybody loves their skin glowing after a spray tan or the application from one of the many tanning lotions available on the market. However, the build up of product, mistakes from application or the total removal of an old tan can be a nightmare.

    We searched high and low to find the ultimate removal technique. Loofahs have been around forever, but have never been very effective for tan removal. There are also exfoliation gels and lotions but these don't really work either. Some sunless tan operators suggest scrubbing with bi-carbonate soda, others suggest bathing in washing detergents such as Nappy San - just imagine what that would do to your skin!

    After many hours of trials and research, we have found it! We have developed a fabric made up of two different weaves that will erase sunless tanning residue and which are also kind to the environment. The fabric weave is the most significant part to the removal process.

    The product is called Tan-OffTM. We have developed a double sided mitt – one side for light exfoliation, the other for stronger. With the addition of water, the Tan-OffTM Mitt can smooth out product blotches or mistakes and allow you to achieve a smooth even tan. The Tan-Off Mitt will also remove your sunless tan leaving your skin silky and clear. If you are preparing for a sunless tan, the Tan-OffTM Mitt will remove unwanted dead skin cells, leaving a clear surface and ensuring a more consistent finish to your tan. The Tan-OffTM Mitt is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to increase the longevity and quality of your sunless tan.