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    1. How much pressure should I use? 

    You will need to use a little bit of pressure so that the glove and skin move against each other to produce the tan balls.

    2. Should I dry myself before using? 

    No, you and the mitt must be wet to be fully effective.

    3. Can I wash the Mitt in the washing machine? 

    No, the detergents will destroy the effects of the mitt. It is best to rinse in water only and hang to dry.

    4. My skin hurts a little and is left a little red after use – is this normal? 

    Any rubbing of the skin will cause some redness, this will disappear. Please do not use if you have very sensitive skin, a skin condition or open wounds.

    5. Can my partner and I share the mitt? 

    For hygiene reasons and continual effectiveness, we suggest having your own mitt.

    6. How long should my mitt last? 

    It is suggested they be replaced every 6 mths but if you use them a lot this may be sooner.

    7. My mitt shrank when I wet it - what's going on?

    It's completely normal - due to the weave of the fabric, the mitt does shrink once wet or washed. Just stretch it out before drying and it will pull back into shape.

    8. I am pregnant and when I tried to remove my tan using your mitt it did not come off very easily - is there any reason for this?

    During our testing some pregnant women found that they did not achieve the same results as those who are not pregnant. This is due to high levels of oil the body produces during this time. Some also found their skin was extremely sensitive and they developed some irritation. If this occurs, please refrain from using the mitt during this time.